Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Is your company planning on hiring or relocating a large number of people in Colorado this year?  How can your HR Department make this transition successful?  Let WK Real Estate do what we do best- become your advocate.


Moving is very stressful for anyone, not just on the employee, but on their whole family.  Let Carol Vanlandingham and her relocation team be your advocate.   We can provide support and resources for your company by taking the load off your HR department.   


If your HR department does not have staff 100% dedicated to helping new hires get relocated/settled into their new surroundings, we can help fill in that gap.  Facilitating a smooth transition is one of the biggest values we can offer to your company.


  • My relocation team can assist with
    • pre-move counseling
    • area tours
    •  household goods moving
    •  home-finding and
    • the sale of your staff’s home in their current location, through our network with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.   
  • Let our full time Relocation Department support your team by taking some of the “load” off your own HR folks.  Together we are stronger.
Services for Individuals

When moving to or from anywhere in the world, WK Real Estate Relocation can help you!

Corporate Services

Our program provides a full range of services for employees, candidates, and new hires.

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Professional, responsive, friendly, knowledgeable… Let us get you on track!

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